Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Seuss Learning Adventures

We are having so much fun with our Dr. Seuss Learning Adventures.
Some of the fun Seuss activities we did this week in my classroom:
1. Created Dr. Seuss Characters using various art materials.  

I put animal print paper cut-out in various shapes along with feathers, googly eyes, and crayons on the table. I placed Dr. Seuss books nearby to inspire their creativity, but allow the children to choose to make whatever creation they desire.


 He made a "Do-Da-Ma-Dad"
 She made a "silly penguin"
 He made "A Dr. Seuss Water-Ma-Doodle"
 A "Silly Man"
"The Cat-in-the Hat"

My bulletin board with our finished characters

2. Rhyme Time Game
We love focusing on rhyming while doing our Dr. Seuss unit. We play a fun and super easy rhyming game from Click here for prekinders printable rhyming games.

3. After reading "Put Me in the Zoo" we made our own "Put Me in the Zoo" characters and charted what our favorite color is:

4.  We created "The Cat in the Hat" and "The Lorax" Paper Plate Puppets.

5. Puppet Show: Our puppet creations were a big hit with the children. Some of them decided they wanted to put on a puppet show using their new puppets. It was their idea to then work together to create a special sign for their puppet show that we hung in the auditorium for their little performance. What a great idea! They all either performed or participated as audience members! Such a great preschool memory!

 Performing their "show":


  1. Wow - I love all the Dr. Seuss themed activities. Seeing 'Put Me In The Zoo' up there made me all nostalgic for my own childhood. That was always one of my favourites!

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. Thanks so much Stef! It's one of my favorites to read to the kids! :)