Friday, February 21, 2014

Mailbox Math

Here's a super easy and fun shape matching activity I found on one of my favorite early education websites: Prekinders.

How to prepare the game:

  • Get or make little mailboxes. I found mine at the Target dollar spot. I bought 5. You could try making the mailboxes with little milk cartons too to save money.
  • Print out the envelopes and mailbox labels from prekinders. Link here.
  • I laminated them to make them more sturdy. 
  • Cut the envelopes as close to the little lines as possible to make sure they fit properly into the slots. Do not cut down the middle. 
  • Fold the envelopes in half and glue together to make it look like a real envelope. 
  • Glue shape label onto the little mailboxes.

How the game works:
The kiddos can work individually or in a small group. They take turns matching the little envelopes with the corresponding shape on the mailbox and then they put that envelope into the correct mailbox slot. 

On Prekinders there is also an option to play the game with numbers as well! 

Easy and fun way to practice shape recognition!