Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Preschool Center Signs

Hi! Are you looking for new center signs for your preschool or pre-k classroom?

Just thought I'd share the center signs I made for my preschool classroom. Not only do they label each area and include a nice clipart image but they also include learning objectives for each area. Click on link at bottom of page.

I used the My Cute Graphics website for the images. I love their images and use them all the time for various documents I create in my classroom. They're so cute and have diversity! To check out their images click here.

Here's an example of my science area sign along with some pictures of the science area in my classroom:

Science Area Sign

A magnet classifying game in our science area

One shelf in our science area

Another view of our science area

*There is a blue line that appears on left side of page (sorry can't figure out how to get rid of it) but you can easily trim it off after you print them.*
 What do you use to label the areas in your classroom?


  1. What a great idea! I bet the kids loved the comic and colorful signs that you made. Those surely made the school activity more fun and enjoyable. I'm sure you can make some signs for your preschool façade that will surely entice their interest to go to school everyday.

    Josh Saunders

  2. I absolutely love these center signs. I was wondering if you would post or email me ( an editable version so that I can update for the few centers that are not covered that I have in my classroom. So glad I found these!

  3. I love these signs. I would love it if they were editable. I want to make a set in Spanish and in German. Thank you
    Miss Missy