Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Puppy Love Treat Bar

For my friends Amy & Mike's jack and jill engagement party last year, the bridesmaids decided to set up a treat bar for the happy couple. The both have 3 dogs and love them like children so we knew right away we wanted to make it a "puppy theme". We called all the treats "doggie treats". 

I was in charge of all the candies. I found and borrowed glass jars from friends and the Goodwill. I then bought cute little black and white frames from Michael's to label the treats. I made a sign for the table labeled "Doggie Treats".

Here's a picture of me trying to organize all the candies

I printed the labels out on the computer and then added scrapbook "doggie" stickers.

Here's a list of the "doggie treats" I used:
  • Rub my Bellies (Jelly Bellies)
  • Yorkshire Terriers (York Peppermint Patties)
  • Doggie Kisses (Hersey Kisses)
  • Puppy Tails (Marshmallow Twists)
  • Chew Toys (Laffy Taffys)
  • Pup Pops (Tootsie Pops)
  • Runts of the Litter (Runts)
  • Doggie breath (mints)
  • Leashes (Twizzlers)
  • Sticks (Twix)

Here is the table all set up:
I also printed out pictures of their adorable pups and them throughout the years and framed them for the table.

Melissa, the MOH, was in charge of all the baked treats. We had:
  • Lola Lemons (lemon cookies). Lola is one of their pups!
  • Sweet as Sugar Sophias (sugar cookies). Sophia is their newest addition.
  • Ginger Paws (Ginger cookies)
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Bones 
  • Pupcakes (cupcakes)
  • Brownie Bones

I also made "puppy chow" (chocolate chex mix) and Peppermint "Barks" (peppermint bark) and we had Sam-gria (sangria) (One pup is named Sam) to drink. The MOH also rented a frozen yogurt machine to make little sundaes!

We had little plastic bags guest could fill the treats with and called them "doggie bags". 

The adorable couple!

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