Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wacky Wednesday & Dr. Seuss Party!

This is a super late post but I really wanted to share one of my favorite days of the year in my classroom: Wacky Wednesday! After reading the story "Wacky Wednesday" by Dr. Seuss we come to school dressed wacky and do many silly activities that day. (Check out my earlier post for more details on this great day). 

We made green eggs and ham and went on a parade around the building! At the end of the day we had a Dr. Seuss Party that families were invited to!

Here's some examples of silly outfits:

Love this little boy's wacky getup his mother made for him!

Love this "wacky scientist" costume too!

My wacky outfit!

we colored under the table
and played with magna-tiles under the table!

A wacky table we set up to surprise the kiddos just like in the story!

We made green eggs and ham using vanilla pudding, green food coloring, vanilla wafers, and sprinkles! Yum!

Later, we had a Dr. Seuss Party in our classroom and invited families:
The table-set up I put together! We used Dr. Seuss's stories as inspiration for our special treats:

One fish, two fish, red fish blue fish crackers

One fish, two fish jello

(blue jello with swedish fish in it)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes

The Lorax cookies

Truffula Fruits from The Lorax

10 Apples up on Top!

Hop on Pop Popcorn

Go Dog Go Dogs

The Thing 1 & 2 cupcakes I made. I used cotton candy for the "hair"

Such a great day! 

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