Sunday, July 13, 2014

Batman Birthday Bash

Bat Signal Favors
For my nephew Micheal's 4th birthday party I made these super easey batman favors:
How I made these super easy favors:
  1. I bought the multi-colored flashlights from the Dollar Tree. I ordered them online. I also got DD batteries from the Dollar Tree as well.
  2. I ordered the batman stickers from Check them out here.
  3. The stickers were great and super easy to apply.
  4. I then found the batman thank you tags here. I printed them out and mounted them on yellow poster board. I then just gave it a hole punch and wrapped yellow ribbon through.

They really work too!

My newphew's table set-up:

The cat my talented MIL made:
The capes my sister-in-law made:

The cape I got for my nephew:
I got it made from etsy. Check out the site here.

makes a super cute gift!


  1. What size stickers did you purchase from etsy for this specific flashlight?

  2. I am also wondering what size batman sticker you used for the flashlights??

  3. I purchased the smaller flashlight and 1inch stickers. They image is so distorted. are my flashlights too small? you can barely see the image because the middle bright light from the bulb takes over the image.