Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Easy Valentine's Day Math Activity

Learn to Make Patterns with Conversation Heart Candies

This has been one of my favorite activities to do every Valentine's Day since I started teaching preschool. My kiddos love it because the candy of course sparks their interest, yet, they become really excited about trying to make fun patterns with them. There is also a great literacy connection as they often investigate the letters on the little hearts and ask what the words say. 

  • I buy a bulk bag of the candy hearts. Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree is great for this, but you can find them anywhere this time of year.
  • I print out the great heart pattern grids on One of my favorite preschool websites! You can find the pattern grids here. With these grids the children can create and extend AB, ABC, AABB, AAB, and ABB patterns.
  • Once I print out the grids, I put them in plastic sheet protectors. Great tip I discovered when you don't have time to laminate! Who does? I found a bunch of them at the dollar tree!

After they are done with the activity, I save some and give them a few as a special treat!
Happy Patterning & Valentine's Day!


  1. Thank you for linking this to your blog, so that I can see and read how you used it.

    1. PS I have had time now to look at lots of your ideas and I am in love! Too bad you can't have my little one in your preschool class!! Your class looks like a blast and so CUTE!!

    2. Thank you so much! I would love to have your little one in my class if I could! Thanks so much for brightening up my day with your kind words!