Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr. Seuss's Wacky Wednesday!

I love Dr. Seuss!
Every year we have so much fun with our Dr. Seuss theme around his birthday (March 2nd). One way we celebrate his birthday is by reading two of his famous books, “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” and “Wacky Wednesday”.

After reading "There's a Wocket in My Pocket", the children create their own silly creatures using readily made art materials that fit into pre-made "pockets'" cut using construction paper.

"wockets in our pockets"
After creating their creatures they tell a teacher "there's a _____ in my pocket".

Later we read the story “Wacky Wednesday". In the story a child wakes up in the morning to notice a shoe on the wall. With every turn of the page, the scenes seem to grow wackier and wackier. The book ends with the child needing to find 20 wacky things before things will return back to normal.  

 After reading these great books we have our own “Wacky Wednesday” in our classroom.
We set up fun wacky activities all around the classroom for the children to explore all day.   

We set up our writing table in the circle area!

We hung a teacher's shoe from the ceiling for the children to see when they arrived, similar to the story!
We added a tree to our sand table.
Painting with our feet!
Dr. Seuss Character Puppets in Dramatic Play
We had Dr. Seuss books available in every area with fun Dr. Seuss character stuffed animals!
We encouraged the parents to help their child celebrate Wacky Wednesday by wearing something silly that day. We gave them some ideas: wear  crazy socks, a funny hat, backwards or inside out shirt, or a silly hair do.  It was fun to get parent participation by encouraging them to help their children “think and dress” creatively!

Here a student is wearing two different color socks.
This student wore a silly hat his mom helped him make.

Another silly outfit!

This boy wore two different shoes.
My wacky getup!

Another "wacky" highlight of our day was having lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch. 
We made pancakes for lunch and asked parents to just pack a light snack that they had for "breakfast". 

I was inspired to start this new and exciting tradition in my classroom from the amazing website For their version of "Wacky Wednesday" click here.

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